About Us

The Old Stone Schoolhouse

Old Stone Preschool was established in 1997. The one room school house is nestled in a unique, tranquil setting. Our curriculum demonstrates a wealth of opportunities through "Hands-On" experiences to enhance the following:

  • Kindergarten readiness skills
  • Strong foundation in literacy/phonics awareness
  • Number awareness / Math concepts
  • Building: social skills, confidence, motivation, and strong values
  • Accommodates all learning styles
  • Interactive interest centers
  • Collaboration between home and school
  • State licensed program
  • Two certified teachers with over 25 years of experience

Old Stone Preschool recognizes that all children are unique and we strive to provide an educational experience that will foster development and secure a strong self-confident child. At Old Stone Preschool, your child will develop not only the academics, but the social skills needed for a successful educational journey.